chasing rabbits (chasing) wrote in gayaustin,
chasing rabbits

Fight the H8

Protest at Austin City Hall, Nov 15th, 12:30 local time, against Prop 8 and more importantly for civil rights.

Pass the word and tell your friends they can find the site of their local protest here

From their site:

On the steps of your City Hall on November 15th at 10:30am PST /
1:30pm EST, our community WILL take to the streets and speak out
against Proposition 8 and all of the other pro-equality losses that we
have faced in our lifetimes, in our parents’ lifetimes, and for many
generations before us. WE CAN’T DO THIS ALONE! WE NEED YOUR
HELP! We need organizers in every major city to work with us and
get out the protest! I know you’re all tired from all of the work
you’ve done for this great election year, but I’m asking for one more
push! Let the country hear our voices together. Let them
see that we are a strong, adamant, and powerful community that deserves
equal rights, and CAN’T BE DEFEATED!

Just passin' on the word.
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