chasing rabbits (chasing) wrote in gayaustin,
chasing rabbits

Swedish Music (and some other tasty Nordic tidbits)

Stockholm Syndrome II

The first was a blast, the second will be, too!

What: The best of Sweden as spun by Stay Gold, and with a massive assist by
Where: Elysium, NE corner of 7th and Red River (21+ only, sorry!)
How Much: $3 - doors at 9:30 (free before 10!)
When: Next Thursday, July 3 (hopefully you don't have to work the next day, so come out and play!)

We're also tossing in some other Scandinavian tunes, just to round things out, like Bjork, Quarashi, Annie, Monomen, A-ha.

Check us out at Sweden Night

Add us on MySpace to keep updated on this and other events!
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