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gayaustin's Journal

Gay Austin
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This is a community for the gay people of the metro area of Austin, Texas, regardless of type, color, flavor, or stripe, and happily includes their friends, family, and supporters. Almost all are welcome here, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, nationality, color, ancestry, religion, disability, medical condition, and marital status. Not welcome are those who are here to bash, insult, or otherwise degrade the people for whom this community is intended.

Most personal posts belong in your personal journal. Posts of a personal nature but which are directed at the community are permitted (for example: if you are explaining a situation, asking for help, sharing information, or something along those lines). Quizzes and quiz-results do not belong here. If you accidentally post something meant for your personal journal to the community, here is the FAQ addressing how to delete it.

While we welcome discussions about gay issues, there are some things that will not be tolerated. These include: accusations, harassment, or attacks against other members for their lifestyle choices. This is a community where men and women of any flavor can come to find like-minded friends, support, share, and learn, and where we can feel free from attacks.

Also welcomed are discussions revolving around Austin. Such posts do not have to be explicitly "gay" in nature: we live here (or are at least interested in the Austin area), and that's enough.

Above all, be respectful, stay informed, and have fun!

egoiste has graciously provided a list of community resources, which can be found here.